New Lens is a youth driven social justice organization that makes art and media about issues where a youth perspective can inspire change. We work on a variety of social issues including employment, justice, health and education issues. We produce art and media on commission, teach youth in schools and communities and advocate for issues that impact young peoples lives. We employ youth as leaders and through their efforts we impact over 200 youth throughout the year.

Watch the first video in our Blackonomics series exploring Black identity, wealth and how to build thriving community »

Baltimore Uprising and Our Justice Work

In 2009–10 New Lens youth and adults trained two thirds of the Baltimore City Police Department. We used video and dynamic activities to get the message across. Though we could not find funding to continue the work after our year of training was completed, now more than ever we think our lessons learned are worth sharing.

Check out a link to our findings on why police and youth relationship are destined to be a challenge and what could be done differently. To learn more, check out an article by New Lens Executive Director here and an article featuring our youth leaders' work on economic justice issues here.

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