5 Exceptional Types Of Online Journalism

Technology is defining the world. It is transforming how people sell and buy products. Communication is undergoing a transformation too. Marketing and customer service are not left outs either.  In journalism, this are not different. Online journalism is taking a central space. Internet journalism is slowly replacing the print media.

People are turning to paperless journalism as the source of information distribution. So, it is unclear about the future of print journalism. Probably, one day it will die. You will only find printed newspapers and magazines in libraries or museum. Isn’t this sounding fictional? Certainly, it would be sweet to witness this happening.

Despite the falling of printed media, people will still need some news. Everyone would like to know how the world economy is performing. Also, they would like to hear about their political leaders. Not forgetting that they desire to know how the entertainment icons are behaving. With all these needs, it is true to say that journalism is will not die. Instead, it will transform it other forms replacing the print and publish journalism.

As the transformation takes place, journalists must be in line with it. Being one of them, you need to know online journalism platforms available. Here are the top six types of online journalism you need to be familiar with as an online journalist:

a)    The online newspaper websites

With the newspapers entering the extinction phase, the newspaper companies are rearranging. These companies are embracing technology and digitization. Instead of focusing on printing, they are launching websites with the same formatting of their newspapers. Many newspaper media companies such as New York Times and Wall Street Journal have a news website.

As a journalist, you can apply to be writing for this online newspapers. These sites covers a lot of information as a printed newspaper would. You can find business, political, lifestyle, sports, entertainment, financial, and climate. Also, the newspaper sites have a subscription program. Just like how you would buy a newspaper, you subscribe to view news on the site for one month. The subscription can be from one dollar and above.    

So, you will have an opportunity to write for mainstream media. But only if you enhance your virtual publishing skills.

b)    Local news sites

Do you have an affinity to tell your communities story? You live in Atlanta, Georgia and want to keep the world or local updated on the current affairs. If this is your journalistic style and passion, you should consider the local news sites. Unlike the online newspaper, this sites tell the story of a community. It keeps the locals and world updated to the prevailing issues in that society.

In most cases, these websites relay information using the local languages. For instance, if the majority of the community are Mexicans, the website will use a Mexican language. If they are Indians, their language will be the best option. So, if you belong to a certain ethnic or tribal setting, you can consider becoming a pioneer information disseminator. Working with a localized news website will offer you the best platform to achieve your dream.

c)     Citizen journalism websites

Certainly, you know that everyone is now a journalist. The technology came with smartphones and tablets. These devices allow every citizen to capture and publish any information that come to their knowledge. In a better term, this is citizen journalism. To allow people exercise their passion, several websites have come up. These sites allow citizens to post information and news or edit the current one. People can post videos and pictures about an event or an issue in their locale. 

However, these sites failure in ethical measures. Considering that many publishers are not journalism graduates, they might share wanting information. For instance, it is easy to find violent related images or news with child abuse. This type of information raises ethical and credibility issues.

Nevertheless, you can build your credibility and portfolio by publishing on these news site. Also, you can act as a volunteering editor for the sites. This way, you will not only earn respect but also you will win a massive following.  Thus, seize the opportunity. Write for and become a major contributor of citizen journalism websites.  

d)    Independent news websites

Do you love investigative journalism? You like uncovering the hidden deals and turning every stone. Your objective is always to let the people know the evils taking place behind the steel doors. If this describes you, you should consider working for independent news websites. These sites covers information for a particular area. They focus on presenting hardcore investigative information.

In this websites, you will find the evils happening in law enforcement agencies. Others will relay information the property bubble of 2008. While others will expose the graft and corruption practices in various government levels. As an online journalist in love with investigations, you can consider this as your niche. This way, you will win a massive following as well as critics from your audience.    

e)     Blogs

Are you an opinion shaper? Your ideas and comments create trendy discussions online. People always love your way of articulating issues and ideas. For this reason, they follow your posts. Either to criticize them or support your view. If this describes you, consider starting a blog. A blog is a website where you post your opinions and commentaries on various issues. It is the same as opinion page on a newspaper.

As an online journalist, having a blog is a good idea. The blog accts as your online portfolio. Companies and online news agencies will use the information presented as check of what you can do. Hence, you will not need a resume to proof your online journalism qualifications.


Wrapping up.

As you can see, you have many opportunities in the online journalism field. You have a chance to grow in your career without many obstacles. Whether you have a passion in investigative or entertaining news, the virtual world will offer you a space. In this essence, you can consider the above types of online journalism as your stepping stone.

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