5 Little-Known Benefits of Online Journalism

Online journalism. With the fourth revolution knocking, online is becoming part of everything. You can confirm several aspects have the term “online” in each sector. Online business, online marketing, online selling, and online banking a common term. Journalism is also following suit. Online journalism is no longer a vocabulary. People are now relying on virtual platforms to learn about the current affairs. Their device are saving them the cost of purchasing newspapers and magazines.

However, as a journalist, you maybe between a rock and hard place. You do not know whether to remain traditional or join the online journalism wagon. Looking on your career, you consider working for established media as your priority. But the technological disruption is leading to a dilemma. Will the printing journalism last for the next one decade? Learn what is online journalism and why it matters. Click here

As you try to answer this question, it is crucial to consider the benefits of online journalism of the printed one. Probably this information will help you make a conscious decision on the way forward. Here are the benefits:

? Opportunity to get real time news

Remember the old days. You used to sit next to your radio at the prime time to watch the news. If you were from a better social background, you had a TV in your home. In case you didn’t have either of this, newspapers in your nearby street or library was a good information source. In most cases, all the information you received was past. You read news that happened yesterday or in the entire day. The internet change this.

Today, you have an opportunity to get real-time news. As a journalist, you have a chance to inform your audience in the real-time. You do not need an OB or mobile station to cover live events. Using your mobile phone, you can record an event. Also, platforms such as Facebook and YouTube allow you to stream live events to your audience.

As such, you have a chance to offer real-time news. Your audience will get news in seconds as the event happens. You will upload videos and images on various social platforms and offer your audience a chance to access real-time information. Unlike olden days, your audience can get live coverage through their mobile phones. Hence, online journalism harness the news broadcasting.

? Easy newsgathering

Certainly, gathering news is a hard task. You need to know when an event is take place and attend to cover the event. Finding the news source can be the hardest thing for a journalist. However, the online journalism is transforming this field. With emergency of citizen journalism, journalists can easily learn about issues happening in their community. The audience will share information on the social platforms.

To ensure the news is credible, the online journalists will visit the source or consult their correspondents in that locality. This way, they easily gather information within a short duration. Unlike the traditional journalism, web-based journalism enhance the newsgathering as it involves the audiences in the process.


? Easy accessibility of information

Have you ever tried to access newspaper of last week? Probably, there was a story that inspired you and you want to revisit it. Without any doubt, you can confirm that this is the hardest affair. You may need to visit your library. Sometimes, finding a last week newspaper in that library can be an uphill. Despite the reliability and informative aspect of that article, it ends up on the dustbin. It inspiration last for a day.

If you’re the journalist behind it, your fame will go down at the same rate. In contrary, online journalism adds life to your story. Unlike the newspaper, your article or the information you need goes to the archived posts. Your audience will have an opportunity to access it any time they need it. You too will have a chance to access useful information when developing a new article for the news website.

As such, the online journalism enhances easy accessibility of information for you and your audience. Also, it adds life to your stories. Rather than going into dustbin, they end up in archived posts. Here, any person can access it even after 5 years as long as the website remains active.

? Real-time news updates

Certainly, your audience would like to follow events as they happen. They want to know the current scores of their favorite team. They have an urge of knowing the progress of a given case. Also, they want to know the current speaker on an international business conference. Passing such real-time information through the mainstream media can be hard.

Obvious, you will have to gather information, go back to the news room, and disseminate it. Thesetasks will take a longer duration. However, things are different with online journalism. Here, you have an opportunity to update your information in real time. Your audience have an opportunity to follow news and events as thy happen. Hence, they do not have to wait for prime news or a day to know what is happen. The audience have an opportunity to access news around the clock.

? Opportunity to work for different media

Unlike the traditional journalism, digital space comes with flexibility. You do not need to work with one online news company. Instead, you can be a freelance online journalist. This aspect will not only offer you an opportunity to earn more but also, it will open a room for enhanced online audience. People will like to know more about you when the find your articles on different online news sites.  Hence, online journalism helps you to create a strong virtual portfolio and authority in your niche.

Wrapping up

In a word, online journalism comes with several benefits. The aspect helps you to enhance real-time news disbursement. Also, it enable you to build authority and credibility faster. Being an online journalist helps you to boost your credibility. It allows you to work for different online media a news websites. This way, you enhance your authority and online following. Lastly, the online journalism ease newsgathering. It helps you to get in touch with news sources without much struggles. Ready to build your career as an online journalist?

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