5 Reasons Why You Need To Become a Certified Journalist

Are you a certified online journalist? If not, you need to consider being one. Technology is changing everything. Capturing and posting videos and photos online is now a norm. This task was previously the role of journalists. Citizen journalism is becoming the usual way of generating and reporting news. Despite this, the bar remains static.

People want accurate and credible information. Also, the increase of fake news is making people doubt the information they get online. As a budding online journalist, you need to consider your career path. Even though writing is an art, you need certification. However, you may not like the idea of certification. To you, it may seem as another avenue of draining your cash.

After all, not all online journalist enrolled into a journalism class. The space is available for becoming an influential blogger or opinion shaper without requiring a journalism qualification. Certainly, all these ideas and claims are true. You can become an online journalist without a degree in the field. No doubt, you contributed to your high school or community newspapers many years ago. So, no need for certification.

If this is your view, you’re headed to the wrong direction. Here are reasons why you need to become a certified journalist:

¨     Earning enhanced credibility

Credibility is everything in the online and offline journalism. You won’t believe any information or news without verifying its source. Having a journalism certification places you at a different level. People will believe the information you disseminate when they learn about your certification. Also, they won’t view you as another grapevine disseminator.  Credibility comes with professionalism.

Through certification, you will learn different approaches of distributing information. You will use a different method than other so-called online journalists. This way, you will earn trust and stand out as a credible journalist. Hence, certification does not only boost your credibility but also, enhance the audience trust on you. People will not believe what they see or hear online unless you confirm it to be true. In other words, certification is a symbol of authenticity and reliability in your field.

¨     Easy access to news background

If you were a prominent person, you won’t be available to anyone. The only people you authorize to interact with you are ones with the right qualifications. When it comes to online journalism, the same case applies. Regardless of the form –modern or traditional, journalism calls for getting information from the source. You will need to interview different people for you to get the accurate and factual news. However, your target persons will not accept your invite when you do not have any certification.

For instance, the Wells Fargo president will not have time with you to discuss their cryptocurrency project. You can only have the opportunity to interview him if you got a certification from credible institution. As an online journalist, you will have easy time to meet and interact with your news background. Nobody can resist a certified journalist to interview them. Remember, in the era of fake news, only certified news can earn the news source trust. So, for easy access to news background, get certified. 

¨     Gaining authority in your field

Want to be the pacesetter in your news niche? Imagine everyone mentioning your name in their news writing. How would you feel when business owners seek your help? They have an event they need covered. Certainly, nothing will be fascinating like such news. However, it does not happen through a miracle. To earn recognition, you must be a trusted online journalist. An opinion shaper and an influential person with high credibility.

One of the aspects of gaining authority in the virtual sphere is certification. People will judge you with your qualification. After reading your news story, they will move to your bio. They want to know several thing. First, how long have you worked on the journalism field? Two, are you a certified online journalist?

With this, they will trust your information. Lack of a certificate can lead to doubting of your information despite your online following. As such, you need to consider online journalism certification to gain high authority in your news niche.   

¨     More job opportunities

No doubt. You enrolled to online journalism to earn a living. Though it is your hobby and passion, it is your source of daily bread. The digital space opens you many opportunities for sharing information. You have a chance to write for ten or more online news website. However, this is impossible without certification.

Some websites such as NPR require a proof you’re a journalist.  Even with a thousand articles online, a certificate is the authentic symbol of your journalism prowess. NPR will not enroll you as a contributor if you lack a certificate on this field. Hence, if you want to open new opportunities, you should consider being a certified online journalist.

Otherwise, you will only earn peanuts. Your jobs will come from organizations spreading grapevines and rumors online. No credible organization will hire you as their correspondent or contributor if you fail to meet the right certification. So, certification is the key to a thick wallet.  

¨     You will have no barriers to covering your desired news

Due to increased fake news, identity is becoming a crucial aspect. Despite being a top journalist, you will need to prove your authenticity. In the past years, people without credible identification a journalist didn’t have an opportunity to cover some events. Before gaining access to campaign rallies and business conferences, you must reveal your identity. For you to become an identified online journalist, you need a certificate. Hence, if you want to face zero barriers in reporting or newsgathering, you should consider an online journalism certification.


Final thoughts

In a word, online journalism is a profitable arena. You can join the field without a certificate in journalism. However, to be a credible and authentic online journalist, certification is essential. With it, you will gain authority and trust in your news niche. Also, it will be a key to inaccessible newsgathering doors. As such, consider it.

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