Become an Online Journalist

Journalism is an exciting career path, and those who are lucky enough to be in it will tell you the same. You get to interact with so many topics, situations, and people, among others. You can use words creatively. You can transform a seemingly ordinary circumstance into a news item. You have an inquisitive mind, and you are never happy until you have a full understanding of the situation. Many young people gravitate towards journalism because of the potential within. We have some great journalists who have been able to share amazing stories with the world. We now have the digital space that has created more opportunities for emerging journalists. You get to publish your content online, and with the right audiences, you can build your profile as a professional within the field. Our series of articles will explore online journalism in more detail. We will show you how to start your career in online journalism and the qualities you need to have to be successful at the job. We will also look at the strategies you need to implement to find success. We will also explore whether there is indeed a difference between traditional and online journalism. You will find interesting insights in our articles if this is the career path for you.


Understanding the Difference between Online and Traditional Journalism

Many people struggle with whether there really is a difference between online and traditional journalism. For some, the only difference comes from the medium through which the final articles will come out. While one depends on the online space, the other has different avenues such as magazines and newspapers. However, those within the industry say …

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