How To Become An Online Journalist

Certainly, everyone have a dream. When you were a kid, you had a vision of pursuing a certain career. Some dreamed of being engineers. Others believed in becoming teachers while some aimed at flying the airbuses. All of these are great careers. Probably, yours was different. You have a passion in sharing information and covering events. After a deep soul search, you realized something. You’re born a journalist. Your calling is in the journalism field.

However, with the changing world, you are losing hope. Everything is going virtual and people becoming unprofessional journalists. With mobile devices capable of capturing videos and images, you are thinking that journalism is on its way to the grave. Well, you are somehow right. Really? Not at all. If you have a dream of becoming a journalist, this is the right time.

But, you need to become an online journalist. However, you maybe wondering about what you will need to realize this objectives. Here are the super steps of becoming a virtual journalist. Before discussing them, you need to know some aspect about a journalist.

Who is an online journalist?

As you know, you cannot become something you didn’t know. The case is not different in journalism. For some people, journalism is about keeping journals. Some think that journalists are people who prepare the company journals. For business people, journalism is about journal entry in accounting. If you’re one of them, you might be headed to the wrong direction.

An online journalist – like other journalists – is someone who performs an investigation on current news and trends. Upon this, they develop a story that covers all untold facts and information. Then, they disseminate or broadcast it to the public or target audience through online media. The media can be e-paper, news site, blogs, or social platforms.

In developing their story, the online journalists must perform detailed research. Also, if the news involve live events, they must ensure they are among the attendants. Here, they can interview the organizers and attendants to have first-hand information about the event. Noting down of the provided information is crucial as it plays a central role in story writing.

What nature of information should you present as an online journalist?

As a journalist, you must ensure that your information is accurate, reliable, and factual. Also, it is essential to consider specializing on a particular niche. This can be business, sports, politics, or entertainment. Your information should be free from any spelling or grammatical errors. It should be coherent and delivered in the right way. Your audience should not have a hard time to process the information availed to them.

Steps to becoming an online journalist

Well, now that you understand who is an online journalist, it is important to know the steps of becoming one. This way, it will be easy to determine whether this is the right career for you or not. Here they are:

q Have a passion in writing

Ultimately, you cannot become something you’re not. If you fear touching wounds, you cannot think of a medical related course. Also, you cannot be an accountant if mathematics and you cannot face each other. The same case applies to journalism. If you have zero passion in writing, you should stop dreaming. Journalism is all about writing. You need to write convincing, entertaining, and accurate stories and scripts.

Writing will be your day to day task. As such, you should start your journey earlier. While in high school, be a major contributor of the school newspaper or magazine. Try getting information from colleagues and administration. In a word, have passion in journalism related fields. If not, you should forget this course entirely.

q Enroll for a journalism course

Whether you will focus on online journalism or mainstream, you will require academic qualification. The course trains you on how to develop stories for various media. Also, you will learn the best way to write a convincing and factual story. You need to know how to reach out to your audience in a friendly manner.

Apart from this, the journalism course teaches you about the fundamental ethics and principles in news and report development. You understand the rules and policies for journalistic investigations as well as the legal aspects involved.  This way, you have information to build your online journalism career. So, consider pursuing a degree or college course related to your journalistic field before starting your journey.


q Consider an internship with an online media

As they say, experience is the best teacher. Even with the best qualification in your course, you are not good to go without experience.  Working with an established online media will be the first step on this journey. Since, your aim is to become a leading online journalist, working with virtual media is a good idea. Consider taking an internship in the media office.

In particular, be part of the news story development. This aspect will help you learn the steps and ideas that will boost your online journalism career. Remember, you only become what you associate with and your success is a result of your team. So, to become a successful journalist online, you should consider an internship in a well performing virtual media.

q Graduate and get certified

Upon completing your internship, it is time to graduate. Get that degree certificate to show you’re an online journalist. But this is not the end. You need to get certified.  People should know you’re an online journalist. Getting a certification places you at a better position against the law. You will have an opportunity to attend high ranked meetings set aside for journalists only. Also, you will have a chance to work with different online media. This way, you will advance in your career.

In a word, becoming an online journalist is not an uphill. All you need is to enroll for a journalism course. Also, you need some experience and passion in the field. Lastly, it is wise to consider an internship with a leading online media. Do not forget a certification to qualify you as an online journalist. With these aspects, you’re good to go. Also, start by publishing your own articles in online platforms, for more information on this,  click here

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