How to Build Your Career as an Online Journalist

Journalism is an exciting career, and you get to interact with so many different aspects of life. You get to transform what you see into compelling stories that people can consume. You must have a real hunger for news and storytelling because people depend on you for information. Your writing skills must also be excellent so that you have readers flocking to your news articles.

What Is Online Journalism?

Online journalism basically refers to any content you create and post on the internet. There are other aspects to it, including publishing, pictures, Animation, graphics, among others. The online platform has made it possible for readers to interact with the journalist. They get to share opinions and can actively participate in the conversations. By interacting with the readers, the journalist can get richer content because he can use the feedback to create better stories.

The one thing about online journalism is that you really have to be on top of your game to be able to make a breakthrough. Working on the online platform has its challenges, and one of them is that the online reader has so much content or information to interact with regularly. You must, therefore, get the right resources who can supply you with factual information to help come up with your content. It is, therefore, a good idea to join some of the support communities where you get people in your field. It is a fantastic networking opportunity and will benefit anyone at whatever level of their career, whether a newbie or someone who has experience.

When you are networking within the support groups, you get to interact with journalists who cover other topics that may be different from yours. You, however, get to learn a lot and can, therefore, expand your skillset. You can also consult if you need clarification on certain aspects of the job. You can also establish yourself as an authority by actively participating in the conversations. The beauty of the support groups is that you get to interact with so many people. You can get great mentorship opportunities for yourself and other people.

Traditional vs. Online Journalism

You will find many similarities between traditional and online journalism. Both journalists have a core responsibility of bringing news to the people, using whatever medium they can. However, the online journalist works in a very competitive environment and therefore needs to be very dynamic. You must be sensitive to what is going on around you, and be able to translate it into newsworthy content in a very short time.

So what are some of the strategies you need?

·       Find Your Niche

Determine which area you would want to focus on and then build upon it. The more niche your area of focus, the more interest you will generate on the online platform.

·       Networking Is Key

As we have already highlighted above, networking is vital when it comes to journalism. Whether you are a traditional or  online journalist, you need to surround yourself with people who are like you. You get to stay up-to-date with whatever is happening in the world. You get great connections and fantastic resources that will help you generate newsworthy items. Networking is also excellent if you hope to grow in your career. You may meet someone who will present help you grow during the networking sessions.

·       You Need To Create Content

The one thing about journalism is that you need content that has substance. Your articles must be compelling, adds value to the reader, and must be unique. The advantage of the online space is that your content will stay there longer, so it can be a great reference point for the online user. To remain relevant, you must look for ways of promoting your content.

·       TakeAdvantage of Social Media

You use the internet, and you know how much information is available on different platforms. You tend to gravitate towards those writers you know for your content. You must apply the same principle when it comes to online journalism. Social media platforms are great for sharing news and articles. You must build the relevant audience base so that they follow and read your news articles. You have a tremendous vehicle on the social media platforms, but you must ensure that you create content that they would want to interact with.


·       Expand Your Horizons

One way to remain relevant in the online platform is to ensure that you do not stick to only one thing. While writing is your core role, you must expand to other things as well. Go into proofreading, editing, video blogging, photojournalism, among others. It also doesn’t hurt to have multiple streams of income, and the online space will give you unlimited potential in your area of expertise.

·       Your Mindset Matters

Working on the online platform means that you are on call 24 hours a day. Unlike traditional journalism, where you report to the office in the morning and leave in the evening, the same is not on the online platform. You must always keep a watch on what is happening so that you do not become a follower of news, but a source. You may need to travel extensively, depending on what you write about. You must, therefore, have the right mindset to embrace the demands that come with the job.

·       Continue To Build Your Skillset

Just like any other job, you must continue to remain relevant by developing your skills. You should look for freelancing and internship opportunities so that you add to your list of achievements. Read More About:   What is  Online Journalism?


We have shared with you some strategies on how to become an online journalist. It is a job like any other, and you must do it well by ensuring that you build your skill level. Network with those within your industry, look for internships or freelancing opportunities so that you continue to learn. Have a keen eye for news, so that you become the go-to source for the latest information.

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