Online Journalism

Do you want to become an online journalist? If so, you need to have more information of what it entails. You desire to understand what online journalism is all about. This category will focus on enlightening you about this field. It contain articles that define online journalism and why it matters.

Also, you will learn about the process of becoming an online journalist and the skills needed. It describes traditional and web content writing skills you will need to fit in the modern journalism field. This way, you’ll have an insight on the right skills setting for you online success.

Apart from this, the category will examine various types of internet journalism. You will learn about various types of online media and opportunity available. This knowledge is important in helping you select the right career path. This part will open up your eyes on what it entails to be an outstanding journalist.


5 Exceptional Types Of Online Journalism

Technology is defining the world. It is transforming how people sell and buy products. Communication is undergoing a transformation too. Marketing and customer service are not left outs either.  In journalism, this are not different. Online journalism is taking a central space. Internet journalism is slowly replacing the print media. People are turning to paperless …

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