Qualities of an Excellent Online Journalist

 To be a great journalist, you must have certain qualities. However, you will find that they may be different depending on the kind of journalism you go into. The most crucial characteristic is curiosity and the ability to turn almost anything into exciting content for the end consumer. Anyone who is working on the online platform knows how difficult it can be to get an edge over the competition. You have to continually create great content so that you build an excellent online presence. You must also have excellent writing skills so that you draw people in with your news article. We will look at some of the qualities of a good journalist in our article below.

·       You Must Be Curious

Curiosity is the driving force behind any journalist, whether online or offline. If nothing gets your blood boiling and you look at everything passively, then journalism may not be the field for you. A journalist is like that curious child who never stops asking questions. To the journalist, everything around him or her is of interest. His mind is always working on how to turn everything into a digestible piece of news for the readers. A journalist should be able to see so much more than whatever else can see. Sometimes the best stories come from seemingly mundane situations that to the normal eye are nothing to pay attention to. Together with the curiosity arises the need to establish the truth, so that any information he or she sends out is factual. Read More About, WordPress vs. Shopify.

·       You Must Know How to Use Your Words

The bread and butter or a journalist is the ability to use words convincingly. As a writer, you must develop your writing skills to the best level possible. You must be able to paint a vivid picture with the words because you become the storyteller for the reader. You are actually like a great novelist who captures the imagination of the reader using words. Whoever is interacting with your content should feel like they are actually at the scene of the event. It is, therefore, essential that you develop your writing skills by taking relevant training and continuously working on articles. You must also get people with experience to look at what you write so that they can guide you.


·       You Must Have a Thirst for Knowledge

A good journalist is always up-to-date with current events. You must go out of your way to keep up with what is happening. Do not be afraid of doing your research and knowing where you need to go for information. The online platform is a rich source of information, and everything is a click away.

·       You Must Be a People Person

Relationships are a vital component for anyone who is thinking of going into journalism. You must be able to put people at ease so that you get information from them. You will face situations where you may need to deal with angry people. Other times you may be around those who are grieving. Empathy is, therefore, essential because you must learn to interact with people in whatever situation you get them in. Your disposition must become, and you should not antagonize other people. Most of all, you should be able to get them to open up to you by knowing the right kind of questions to ask. You must also have enough presence of mind to know when to stop being a journalist and start being human. You may have seen some people get angry with the way some journalists handle those who may be facing a difficult situation. It requires a particular tact to be able to get the information you want without stepping on anyone’s toes.

·       You Must Be Ethical

There are situations where a  journalist   may face some cases that may compromise their ethics. It is not uncommon to hear that a journalist accepted money from someone so that they can hide a story. Some even come across some information and try to blackmail the different parties. It is essential that you remain ethical throughout, no matter how challenging the situation gets. Do not compromise your professionalism, and do not hurt other people in the process of getting a story.

·       You Must Be Professional at All Times

Professionalism is a crucial quality for journalists. That is why it is so important to  get certified. Even when you are operating on the online platform, you must maintain the same professionalism as you would if you were going to a physical office. It means that if you have deadlines, you must adhere to them. Be willing to accept criticism and work on your areas of weakness. Treat your sources of information with the utmost respect. You will not always be behind your keyboard and may sometimes need to go out and get information through interviews. Always present yourself well; through your general appearance and how you talk. 

·       You Must Have the Discipline

 Do not think that because you are writing on the online platform, you can slack off anytime you do not feel like working. You must have the discipline and the dedication to continue to write great articles. Remember, it is very easy to lose your online audience because of the amount of information they get to interact with every day. Be consistent in your work and always ensure that you focus on your readers. Set timelines within which you will work, and ensure that you keep to it. Even if you operate from your house, you must treat it like a regular job and allocate sufficient hours to your work.


We have looked at some of the essential characteristics of a good journalist. Like any other job, you need discipline and dedication and must allocate sufficient time to it. However, you need to have the right level of curiosity so that you get good stories for your readers. You must continue to read and research so that you build your skill level. Also, seek the right networks because they are a fantastic source of motivation and information. 

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