The 5 Current Trends That Will Transform Online Journalism Forever

Did you know journalism dates back to 1400 AD?  However, the journalism evolution took shape from 1600s. It was the period when press journalism took shape in German. Later, the newspapers, magazines, and gazettes become the main source of news. Since Joseph Pulitzerintroduced first journalism, it has undergone through an evolution. The innovation of technology took journalism to new level.

Like other areas, digitization came with online journalism. Journalists can now post and interact through the virtual platforms. You do not have to wait for a newspaper on the next morning to get current affairs. Instead, you can access the current news at any time. Also, you can update information the real-time.

Despite these developments, new trends are coming up that will shape the future of journalism. As a budding or veteran online journalist, you need to learn about these trends &   Tips. Here are the top 5 trends that will transform online journalism forever:

! Social media journalism

You’re on the social media. Right? Probably, it is the main source of current news. You learn about a campaign rally or a business conference through Facebook or Twitter. It is part of your journalism career. The social media is having positive and negative impacts on journalism. Considering the positive impact first, social media is enhancing real-time reporting. As a reporter or online journalist, you do not need to have an On-location Broadcaster (OB).

Instead, your smartphone and social media account are enough to disseminate news. Is it this a good idea? Well, despite it having a positive impact, it is the hub of fake news. Social media allow everyone to develop and share information online. Everyone is now online journalist. With this being the reality, it is becoming hard to real news.  People are more likely to consume fake news than real ones.

However, the social media platforms such as Facebook are updating their algorithms to limit the spreading of fake news. They act is enhancing the reliability of the information shared through the platforms. Despite all these, the social media is a crucial source of news for online journalists. It forms the foundation of their newsgathering. Hence, as modern journalist, you must be an active social media user to remain relevant.    Learn more insight son how to become an  online journalist.

! Digital news app

Do you have a digital news app? Your answer is certainly yes. The innovation of mobile apps is transforming online journalism. Unlike past days, people has an opportunity to get news right at their hand. Mainstream media have come up with digital news app. These apps allow the public to access real-time information and news. Also, they offer subscription options that allow the subscribers to watch on demand videos. The news digital apps are slowly replacing televisions and radios.

People can watch or listen to news through their multipurpose mobile devices. As the apps become common in all sectors, online journalism will undergo a lifetime transformation. For this reason, you need to position yourself on how to develop content fitted for the digital apps. This way, you will remain relevant in the new sphere.


! Citizen journalism

Before joining journalism, you shared a picture of an event or two. Your friends liked what you’re shared and re-shared it. The information involved a newsworthy affair. Maybe a group of angry residents were demonstrating. Or else, a local security meeting was happening in your locality. Alternatively, your company was holding an annual general meeting or dinner. Each day, citizens share news online. A huge part of this population do not have journalism background.

Citizen journalism is becoming a crucial part of online journalism. As an online journalist, you need to pay attention to the citizen journalism trends. You need how to assess the facts and fake information getting to you and shared online by your non-journalistic news.

While the information may not be accurate, it may form foundation of your stories. The information can create a foundation for developing accurate and credible report. All you will need is to go beyond the news presented. This way, you will enhance your credibility in the virtual sphere. Hence, it is recommendable to keep track on the trends taking place on the citizen journalism. 

! Mobile journalism

Certainly, you are reading this article using a mobile device. Your mobile device is no longer a call box. Today, it is a shopping and a business device. You buy and sell products through your device. Apart from this, the mobile devices are replacing TV sets. You can now watch or listen to news through them. Also, the mobile operating system developers are shaping devices with ability to capture and share content online.

With this, a new era of journalism is coming to space. Mobile journalism is a new trend that will have a huge impact on the newsgathering and sharing. Modern smartphone have cameras with high resolutions and huge internal storage. These features are enabling online journalist to use them as devices for recording news and capturing videos. As an online journalist, you need to keep your eyes on this trends. Ensure your mobile devices are in line with the mobile journalism trends on the rise. 

! Online Podcasts

Another aspect that is changing in online journalism is online podcast. Instead of hosting experts on a television show, you can conduct a recorded video or audio. This can be a live recording on Facebook, YouTube, or other podcasting process. As an established freelance online journalist, you can have several podcasts to articulate some issues.  This approach is becoming a norm in the online journalism. As such, you need to adopt the new trend to remain relevant in the contemporary era.


In summary, online journalism is going through a transformation. Social media, mobile, and citizen journalism are new trends shaping modern news dissemination. Also, people are looking for on-demand videos and podcasts. The trends will continue phasing out traditional journalism. It will change how people share and receive news. As such, as an online journalist, you must remain at par with this trends to remain relevant in the coming decades.  

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