Tips for Becoming a Great Online Journalist

Journalism is an exciting career choice. It allows you to share news, and you get to interact with so many people and different kinds of situations. Have a keen eye for detail, and always be at the forefront of events. Those within the industry describe it as an ever-changing dynamic field. And now with the digital evolution, there are so many other areas you can get into. So what do you need to become a great journalist?

·       You Must Have the Right Qualifications

Many employers look for a candidate with the right skills. It does not matter whether you are a traditional or online journalist; the requirements are still the same. A journalism degree is therefore essential, and at some point, you will need to specialize in the kind of journalism you want to pursue. There are many types of journalism, including investigative journalism, business journalism, entertainment, broadcast journalism, among others.

 You must also have the initiative because you will, in most cases, need to pursue the stories actively. The fantastic stories we get to see do not happen to fall on the laps of the journalist. In rare cases, your editor might assign you a news item. In most situations, especially as an online journalist, you will have to actively look for the story angles. Initiative is a difficult thing to teach, and it must, therefore, be an innate part of your characteristic. Read More:

Also, have excellent writing skills because that is the tool through which you will communicate most of your stories. Educate yourself on writing on awide range of stories so that you do not box yourself in one particular category, even if you have an area of focus.  Blogging  is a fantastic way to start your writing journey. You can also sign up for some of the freelance jobs so that you continue to build your portfolio. Look for mentorships, so that you get direction on your writing, from those who have been in the business for some time. 

·       Building Experience

 The best time for you to build experience is when you’re still pursuing your degree. Look for internship opportunities, and be willing to work hard even if the employers do not pay you. Also, continue to write articles and actively seek editorial opportunities for your articles. If you have a blog post, you must actively generate content for it. One trait of a good journalist is Curiosity and will reflect in the kind of pieces you churn out. 

 Be realistic about your expectations because it takes years to build a level of recognition in the industry.


·       Continue To Update Your Skills

Managing information and creating content is a crucial role for any journalist. The internet is a fantastic platform to build your skills because of the amount of resources available. You must also focus on other areas such as editing, filmmaking, among others. Do not find the niche, or an area of focus and think that your journey is over. Journalism is all about learning constantly; otherwise, you will find that you quickly become irrelevant. When you are on the online platform, you have to keep up-to-date with the latest technology so that you use it in a job. 

·       Overcome the Competition

Journalism is a very competitive field, and you may find that job opportunities are not very many. Every day, the industry is churning out new, young, hungry journalists who have no issue taking and low paying jobs. However, there is also a massive demand for experience and the ability to generate content. You must, therefore, ensure that you continue to grow every day, by learning from others and using the resources available to you.

·       Follow the Process

As we have already stated above, it takes years to get recognition in the journalism world. You cannot go straight from a college graduate to the top of the field. You must, therefore, go through the process as everybody else does. Most of the journalists who have managed to make it will tell you that they had to do some internships. After that, they started writing for publications beginning right at the bottom. In the initial stages, it will not be all about money but about gaining experience. Once employers begin to take note of your work, you will find the offers coming in. Not all journalists will make it up the career ladder, but you can get a lot of satisfaction doing what you love. Focus on your growth, look for assignments that can get you recognition, and you never know you may just become one of the top editorial decision-makers. 

·       Do Not Be Afraid To Take Risks

Some of the best journalists are willing to take risks with their careers. They are willing to go to far-flung areas to look for news items. You will experience highs and lows with your job, but you must not let it stop you from growing. Once you become a trusted source of news, you will find that people flock to your website or online articles for the latest information.

·       Your Relationships Matter

Journalists depend on each other for their career growth. Even on the online platform, you have fantastic resources in the form of different online communities. You must also look for mentors and those with experience to guide you. Everyone you meet is a potential source of information, and you must, therefore, build excellent relationships. 


Like any other job, journalism has its challenges that you must overcome. Working on the online platform gives you a dynamic environment that gives you a channel to create content in a very short time. You must, however, ensure that your news is factual so that you become a go-to source for information. Get the right level of qualifications and churn out great content so that the people within the industry take notice. You must also take the time to build an online community so that you have people who actively interact with your content.

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