Want To Become An Online Journalist? Consider These 3 Online Journalism Course

Certainly, journalists are on high demand. Even though the printed journalism is slowly facing out, online journalism is rising. People who can develop convincing accurate stories are rare. Companies are looking for professionals who can help them deliver their messages in a way that customer will understand. With digital revolution, newspapers and magazines are on their extinction phase. Audiences are now relying on virtual news sources and online media.

As a journalist, you need to adapt to the new era. By this, it means equipping yourself with the right skills. You need to gain skills that will enable you thrive on this digital age. Whether you are a novice or a legend, enrolling on an online journalism course is a good idea. This step will place you at a suitable position of becoming a top ranking journalist.

However, with large number of journalism courses online, it can be hard to know the best for you.  Some ‘experts’ design general knowledge course with a goal of earning coins from them. But in the real sense, they neither have knowledge or experience in journalism. To help you avoid falling for them, this article presents some of the online journalism course you should consider. The courses falls into two categories – free and paid courses. Here they are:

Free online journalism courses

At times, you might not have the cash to enroll on a graduate course. Or else, you want to update your skills. Unfortunately, your strict time and tight budget cannot allow you to enroll on paid journalism course. You’re now waiting for the retirement or retrenchment date. Here is some good news. You can up your skills without spending any coin. Really? Yes. There are several free online journalism courses you can consider. Here are the top two:

Ø Introduction to Journalism

If you’re a budding online journalist, you should consider this course. Introduction to Journalism is a free online journalism course offered through Alison. Alison is one of the renowned online learning platforms. The course introduces you to the journalistic world. Here you will learn about the essential elements that will contribute to your success in journalism. The course will teach you about news peg, assignment sheets, the beat systems, and files.

Also, the course covers ideas for nurturing your story sources and how to maintain a cordial relationship with them. As you know, interviewing is a central component of journalism. This course covers the three stages of interview process. By this, it equips you with the necessary skills to run successful interviews. The course also covers ways of developing your news stories. These approaches include the news angle, sequence, and review.

Also, you will learn how to identify and apply them in your story writing.  In addition, you will learn the online journalism ethics, roles of editors, and their different types.  Despite being a free course, it is a good option for starting your online journalism career.  So, if you have a shoestring budget, you can consider enrolling on this free course.

Ø Become a Journalist: Report the News!

Are you looking on to specializing in news reporting? Reporters are the heart of any news. They are the people responsible for news gathering and dissemination. If this is your calling in the online journalism, then you need to consider this course. “Become a Journalist: Report the News!” is a free online journalism course on Coursera. The course is a program by the University of Michigan.

For this reason, you can confirm that it is credible and authentic.  Also, over 6900 students who have taken the course gave it a 4.7/5 rating. Nevertheless, it did not score this rating due to its uselessness. This course covers crucial areas of newsgathering processes and how to compile a convincing news report.  You will take up hand-on projects to put into practical the skills you learn from the course. Also, you will get feedbacks from your peers and other opportunities of exploring issues to harness your reporting skills.

Apart from this, the course will open you to various reporting opportunities available on mainstream and online media. So, you will be able  to differentiate online and traditional journalism. Finally, you will work on a professional level news report to proof your prowess. Upon completing the course, you will get a certification from the University of Michigan. Isn’t that a great idea?   

Paid online journalism courses

If you got cash but fixed time, joining a paid online journalism course is not a bad idea. The course allows you to study at your own time. You do not need to attend classes. You can study while drinking tea, before you get out of bed, or on the go. Here are some of the course to consider:


Ø Journalism Skills for Beginners by Julian Gearing

As beginner in journalism, you need a great course. A course that will offer you a strong foundation in your online journalism journey. For $24.99, you will enroll on the Journalism Skills for Beginners. This course by Julian Gearing is your main stepping stone. The course covers information on developing reports, writing news stories and explains the  types of journalism  that currently exist.

It has a total of 80 lectures provided through video. This lectures concentrate on the reporting and writing processes. Also, it has three parts which are reporting, writing, and getting published. So, you will not only become a journalist, but you will get your work published by top ranking news websites. 

Also, pursuing this course will equip you with skills that will help you interview prominent personalities. You will learn story writing, reporting, and selling it to generate some income. The course will training you on the best approaches of interviewing prominent persons. Hence, it is a good way to introduce you to the freelance online journalism. So, consider it.

Wrapping up

In summary, you do not have an excuse for failing to kick of your online writing or reporting journey. With a large number of online journalism courses, you can become a certified online journalist. The good thing is: you do not need cash to enroll. You can join the free online course mentioned above.

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